Engage interaction not showing in .swf file after publishing?

Dec 08, 2013


So I've imported an engage interaction into my storyline project, after I publish it looks fine when I double click the .exe file [I've published to CD format] but when I click on the .swf [story.swf] the page with the engage interaction is blank. Now I've noticed the engage interaction doesn't come up when I preview either.

Can someone let me know what setting I need to change this? As sometimes I need to zip up my project & send via email for review and I can't send .exe files through the email server.

Many thanks,


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Jackie Chu

Thanks for the replies Julie & Ashley

The engage interactions not showing in preview mode actually doesn't bother me, as I can look at them when they are in the .exe but I thought it might have been related to it not showing up in the .swf file. I actually had a look at those items in that article beforehand & none of them related to my scenario really. Basically I've always published to my desktop - I published the engage interaction by itself there - clicked on the .swf & it was working fine; but when I embed it into storyline & click on the .swf it doesn't show.

I guess I'll have to stick with Julies suggestion with only sharing through the server for now.

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