Is Storyline support Flash files (EXE)?

Mar 18, 2021

Hello dears,

I am trying to import flash files (.exe) into my storyline project, but there is option for flash files only on (Insert-media-video-flash movies) but this is only support (swf), unfortunately I don't have (.swf) I have only (.exe)


I attached the file that I want to upload.

1- is there any way to import .exe to storyline?
2- or Is there any way to convert .exe to .swf?
3- is there anyway to do same flash file inside storyline with sliders maybe?

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Kimberly Scott

Exe is a problem executable file so that’s why you can import it. But even if you import the SWF file, it likely won’t work because flash doesn’t work in browsers and Articulate won’t let you publish Flash after 4/13/21. I might have a solution but it might be easier if we discuss it. Reach out to me at