Engage not working in SL2


I have created three separate modules, all have engage interactions. When I published it on the shared drive and ran it for review with the sme, it worked fine. However, when I made edits to the course, and reloaded it back on the server, when the reviewer ran it all of the engage graphics are no longer there.

I've included one of the files for your review.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Kathy!

I'm sorry that's happening- thanks for letting us know and for including those files. In order to view the Published for CD output however, I'll need the entire published output. 

When you're using a shared drive for sharing a published course, make sure you're following these directions to avoid file corruption:

  1. Zip the entire published output before putting it on the network drive using this option on your published successful window:

  2. Have your reviewer copy the .zip file from the shared drive directly to their C:Drive or Desktop.
  3. Your reviewer should then extract the .zip and double click the Launch_Story.exe to run the course.

If you're following that workflow and still seeing this happen, would you mind sharing your entire published output folder here and your unpublished .story project file so I can take a closer look?

You can add both as attachments right to a comment in this thread like this:

Keep me posted!