Enrolling in a website inside of Storyline

So, I've been working on new hire information, and there are a few sites new associates need to sign up for.

I was walking them through the steps, when it suddenly occurred to me that you can place a web object inside of Storyline.

Is there some negative impact that could occur through allowing them to use the website inside of Storyline to enroll?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ashley,

If you insert the web page as a web object, it will pull from that site whenever it's accessed. As long as the page itself remains online and active, I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work for you. What you could do, if you want to make sure it works properly, is create a new course for testing. Insert one or more of the enrollment pages and sign up as a temporary or test user (or you could publish it and have someone else test it). 

I created a very short example, here. Keep in mind it's nothing fancy, but you can see that the registration form works just like it would if you viewed it separately, in another browser window. The scaling and such will be different, but you can see that the functionality is still there.

Are there any specific concerns you have with using the web objects for the sites? 

Ashley W


Haha, I guess my concern is that it just seems too easy.  Like there must be a catch.  Also, I wasn't sure if there might not somehow be a security issue.  No idea why I would think that, as you said, it's just a link to the actual website.

I'll have to OK it with my boss, but I think I've found a remarkably simple way to get this stuff done .