Other places besides tutorials page to watch completed examples?

Jan 24, 2014

Hello Everyone,

As part of my development plan as a new user of the Storyline tool, I've been tasked with watching other designers' completed projects for ideas, tips, and more in-depth training as I grow in this role. While I'm definitely not attempting to plagiarize anyone's work, the ability to "take apart" what I'm seeing is especially helpful, versus simply watching completed projects from the user's perspective. I've found Lynda.com to be very useful in offering this information... does this website have more in-depth walkthroughs of Storyline concepts, in addition to the tutorials page already out there? Or can someone recommend another website similar to Lynda.com that shows more of the "inside" of a completed project to walk through the more advanced design concepts? Thanks for your help!

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Bruce Graham

Allison Nederveld said:

Hi Chrisanna,

Browsing the posts and blogs on this site can turn up a lot of great examples.  Check out David Anderson's blog - especially the e-Learning Challenge posts.


Also - if there are any specifics you want to see, very often people will have developed them already, and can post here, or at least part of them.

David Anderson

Hi Christianna!

We have some good examples posted in the Elearning Examples blog. Check out the community blogs for even more tutorials.

Each week we highlight tutorials, discussions, demos, and templates shared in the community on the Articulate blog. The weekly recap goes back three years so there's a wealth of great sources there. 

Also check out this thread on best learning resources for Articulate Storyline.

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