Portfolio Question

Feb 19, 2021

Hello! I've tried to find answers to this on the forum but I'm not sure if the answers I've found pertain to my situation. 

I need to create an online portfolio to show examples of my Storyline work. I also need a website to show examples of my watercolor paintings. My plan was to do one "art" website and showcase both, as well as other projects. I'm going to get a free website from a provider like wix, weebly, etc. for now. If I need a more professional site in the future, I will do that. For now though, how would I be able to upload my Storyline files to a site like the ones I've mentioned? I know most don't except scorm files. That is the only way I've published Storyline so I'm not sure if the other publishing options would work. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not an extremely technical person when it comes to website building, hosting, etc. but I should be able to manage as long as I don't have to build an entire website my self. 


Thank you in advance!

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Walt Hamilton

Publish to the web, not LMS. That will create a folder full of folders and files. The folders name will end in " - Storyline output".  Upload that entire folder to the site. Inside the folder there is a file named story.html, which must stay inside the folder. Anybody that can access that file will see the project.