Ensuring questions are drawn from sets in a Question Bank

Feb 22, 2017

I have several lessons in a unit. I make individual randomized quizzes for each lesson and then use the same questions combined to create a randomized unit test. I was going to set them up in a single question bank and then draw randomly for the test, however, it occurred to me that this won't necessarily draw questions from each "lesson" section. Is there a way to ensure this happens within one question bank while still randomizing the questions? Or should I make individual lesson question banks and then create several "draw from" slides in the test to ensure each lesson had a set of questions selected? It would be ideal to have them completely randomize in the test, rather than going in lesson order. 

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Ashlee Rainwater

Hi Lisa!

Could you have one question bank, and then separate "draw from" slides for each lesson quiz. On each "draw from" slide on each quiz, keep the "draw randomly" selected, but change the "include in shuffle" option to "Never" for all questions that are not in that lesson. This way, you essentially have all non-lesson related questions turned off, and will only draw from the lesson related questions.

For the overall test, you would just need to have the "include in shuffle" set to "randomly" for all questions. 

I hope this helps!

Lisa Phillips

Yes, that was what I intended to do, but will that guarantee that there will be questions drawn from each "quiz" set for the test? So, if there are 10 questions per quiz and 5 quizzes (50 total questions for test) will it ensure that there are questions from each set of 10 in the test draw (only selecting 15 random questions for the test from the full 50)?

Leslie McKerchie

That idea makes a lot of sense, Lisa, and although it’s not built into Storyline right now, it could be in the future. I’d be happy to pass that thought along to our team and you can always share your thoughts directly with them here too. In the meantime, I hope the tutorial I shared will get you closer or folks in the community may weigh in with how they’ve set up a similar situation.

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