Entrance Effect By Paragraph...More than 3 paragraphs

Jan 02, 2018

Hi, I have a list of 5 items that I'd like to animate. I copied an0ther animation with 3 paras and edited it to 5. Problem is, it is only animating as if it were 3 paras still. Is there a limitation on the number of paragraphs that can be animated using this feature? Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer!  I would expect the animation by paragraph to respect wherever you have a return or line break in your text box.  I did a quick test in Storyline 360 with a standard text box:

  1. Create a text box with 3 paragraphs.
  2. Apply animation to text box, option by paragraph.
  3. Copy and paste another instance of that text box.
  4. Add 2 additional paragraphs of text.
  5. Preview.

Following those steps, I was able to animate the second text box in with 5 paragraphs successfully.  Let me know if I'm missing anything in your process!

Walt Hamilton

I suspect that when you added two paragraphs, they defaulted to animate when the previous last (3rd) paragraph animated. What you are seeing is #1 animating, #2 animating, and #3, #4, and #5 animating all at once. Look at your timeline, expand the text box, and see if it looks something like this:

Give #4 and #5 their own timing, by dragging, or right-clicking and choosing timing, and see if that changes things.


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