Drag and drop and scrolling panel

Dec 11, 2013


I am trying to set up a drag and drop exercise where the user matches headings to paragraphs. The headings are outside the scrolling panel while the paragraphs with empty drop areas are inside the scrolling panel.

1. Only one drag item out of 10 works. 

2. If it is dropped outside the target, it does not go back outside the scrolling panel. Instead it gets trapped in it.

I now think that that I I am trying to do is not really possible. Has anyone tried and succeeded with anything like this?


1. Make a text box with a large text.

2. Make a scrolling panel

3. Put the box into it.

3. Create drag and drop boxes.

4. Put the target into the scrolling panel.

5. Convert to freeform and set up drag and drop.

Does not really work. There are workarounds but I do not like them - keep both drag and drop boxes outside the scrolling panel - takes up too much space. Not ideal.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

I just tested this, and it seems that yes, once dropped inside the scrolling panel, it gets trapped inside there and can then only be moved around the scrolling panel if that is where the correct drop target is located (either the text box or an item located within it, the scrolling panel cannot be the drop target). If the scrolling panel is not the correct dropped target, I was able to set up my drag and drop that the items were returned to their starting location if not dropped in the correct target. 

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