Erratic 360 Quiz Result Outcomes.

Similar problem(s) as other posts for Results issues but possibly more erratic. Triggers are correct on the Retry and Review but when the Retry is selected the answers were not reset to the original state if the learner failed the quiz.(changed the state to "return to initial state, then tried automatically decide, etc") I replaced the Results screen many times leaving all of the triggers untouched. When I preview the entire course, it opens to the Quiz start every time. When I publish for SCORM and a separate publish for AICC, I get different results. I just renamed the course and placed it in a new local directory folder and then updated the 360 software. Same problems. I went back in to the question screens and changed all questions to receive feedback (forcing a passing grade). Results screen works correctly except now a few of the questions will not advance to show the feedback screen. I can only advance and receive feedback if I change the answer to the correct selection. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PS - this is a simple 50 screen course with one 10 question assessment using all triggers out of the box without any custom triggers.

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David Goodman

I found two errors that I overlooked - the start flag for the course was somehow removed/moved to the Quiz. When I changed my quiz questions to 'feedback by question' i removed the third statement 'try again' thinking that it wouldn't matter but it does, That is now cleared up but I am still having difficulty with the Results issues.