Error after editing audio

Oct 19, 2020


Been working with Storyline for a few months and I'm wondering if anyone else is getting the error of their audio. Importing it is no problem and I can open it to work on it. However, when I save it afterwards, I get this. This is about the 12th time I've seen this today. I've restarted my laptop, I've closed Articulate and walked away and came back. It seems to really hate 1 of say 8 layers on a slide and then super randomly on other ones.


It's really frustrating and I'm so close to being completely finished this epic course. But I need my audio to save!

I appreciate your time and help ladied and gents, you are saving my brain






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Alison Coops

This has started happening to us a lot.  Everything is fine until we edit audio and save the change.  At some point after editing audio, with or without a visible error, the audio won't play on the timeline (and may not be visible on the timeline). Before the update this morning, when this happened I could save my file, exit Storyline, close any unneeded applications and files, restart Storyline and open the file.  Sometimes I would need to preview a slide first, but then all would be well.  But today I'm not able to hear the audio on the timeline after this lucky pitcher's sequence of actions.  Help please.

Alison Coops

Restarting my computer fixed it yesterday, but now I have a slide with 2 audio tracks (narration and music) and I can't hear the music.  It was working in the unpublished course, then I published the course and not only does the published version not have music, now I can't hear the music on the unpublished slide.