Error in Launching from an isolated user? Any guesses?


Just wanted to see if anybody else has come across the following screen when a user attempted to launch a course.  It appears to be isolated to his PC seeing as I cannot personally replicate it and about 400 users have gone through the course without error prior to him? Anythoughts? HTML5 error? Just want to know how I can guide him or what is causing the glitch on the user side.

Attached is a PNG of what is screen looks like what should be the launch. 

 Launch Error for Storyline from LMS

This is a stumper for me. Thanks in advance.



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Michael Broetzmann

The user tried Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer to no avail and on multiple computers in his office , I enrolled a coworker of his who tried (on their network) and was getting the same message from multiple computers. My gut is telling me it is some sort of bizarre firewall issue with their internal system (small business setting, less than 10 total employees).  I consulted with other e-learning/lms managers in my industry and nobody has ever seen it either.