Error publishing course to Articulate 360

Apr 24, 2018

Hi there,

I'm trying to publish a project to Articulate 360 (from the publishing options). However, it comes up with the error message 'There was an error publishing your course to Articulate 360. Please check your internet connection and try again'.

I've checked my internet connection (which is fine), I've been able to publish other modules fine, I've moved the project on to my desktop and loaded it from there as well as the network drive.

I would be so grateful for any thoughts or solutions to this as I really want to use and promote this feature.


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William Hirsch

Hi Kayla,

If I'm understanding properly, you're able to publish most stories to Articulate Online just find, it's just this particular one that is giving you the problem.  Is that correct?

If you've not already done so, start with the troubleshooting tips listed here:

Once you've gone through the steps above and confirmed the problem seems isolated to this story, see if there is there anything particularly unique to this project (such as being especially large, having non-standard characters in the filename, etc)? Providing the story file here it may be helpful for testing if you're able to do so.

Another thing you can check (assuming you're using Windows), is the Event Viewer:

  1. First you'll want to attempt to publish again so that any logging of an error is recent, and note the exact time (on your computer's clock) the error occurs.
  2. To open Event Viewer in Windows 10, right click the start button and select "event viewer."
  3. Under "Event Viewer (local)" and "Windows Logs," look under each section for any recent events/errors/warnings that mention connectivity issues, Articulate, Storyline, etc.  The items should be listed in chronological order, but if you need to adjust that, just click on the "Date and Time" header.
  4. Pass along any findings which line up with the time you published, paying special attention to the types of notifications I mentioned (though they're not always clear).

Update the post with your findings!

-Billy H

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kayla,

Sorry you're having difficulty publishing to Articulate 360 (which is different than Articulate Online)! Since it's only this one file, I'd first look at importing it into a new file to try and resolve the issues that could have occurred from it being stored on your network drive. We always recommend working locally, as noted here working from a network/shared drive is known to cause corruption.

Let us know how things work after testing out those steps! 

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