Error when pressing sumbit button on quiz slide in HTML5

I have  created a quiz, and it work fine on computeres (in flash), but on HTML5 i am unable to click the submit button. I have looked in the console, and it seems that the problem is in player_compiled.js

Here is a link to the course:

And here is the error (it comes when I click the submit button on the first quiz slide):

Uncaught TypeError: d.split is not a function
at Interaction.Element.parseObjref (player_compiled.js:292)
at Slide.addchoiceresponse (player_compiled.js:467)
at Slide.Element.runAction (player_compiled.js:282)
at Element.<anonymous> (player_compiled.js:1367)
at Function.each (player_compiled.js:21)
at Interaction.evaluate (player_compiled.js:1367)
at Slide.Element.runAction (player_compiled.js:275)
at Slide.Element.runAction (player_compiled.js:265)
at Slide.Element.runActionGroup (player_compiled.js:263)
at TimelineAction.exe_actiongroup (player_compiled.js:1070)


Anyone have any ideas as to what is happening?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Snorre.  Thanks for attaching the HTML5 output of your story!  I did a quick test of it in Chrome for HTML5 and this Peek screencast shows what happened.

I was able to get feedback for both a correct and an incorrect response on the first attempt.  If I started with an incorrect answer, however, and then tried to submit the correct answer, it just reset the number to 0.  I could answer again incorrectly and get the incorrect feedback layer, but I could not try again and answer correctly.

I changed your link address to just story.html to run a Flash version of your course since it looks like it was built with Storyline 2, and I found the same behavior.  See this Peek screencast here from Firefox.

If this is a single slide from the entire course, I'm not sure how it would behave in the context of the whole course.  I would want to look at the branching options and the feedback layers.  Would you be interested in sharing your .story file here for some testing?

Also, what browser were you using to run your tests?  Good info for us to have when we're trying to find the root cause.  Thanks for reaching out!