Error when referencing variable!

Sep 27, 2016

Hi all!

I'm a first time articulate storyline user. I'm making a course where i need to collect the viewer's names. And then welcome them to the course in the next slide. I'm following the steps explained exactly as in the tutorials, but when i add a reference to that variable in the next slide (lets call it welcome slide) and preview the project i get a message that something went wrong with articulate storyline and it has to close. But when i remove the reference from the welcome slide and reference it on the same slide that is used to collect the name, it works. 

I'm confused, i have a deadline in a few days and really need to figure out this issue. 

Can anyone help?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Ash.  Welcome to Storyline!  Thanks for reaching out-- I'm sorry you're getting tripped up!

Have you tried rebuilding your Welcome slide?  From your troubleshooting, it sounds like the name reference is interacting poorly with that particular slide, and perhaps that slide has a corrupt element on it.  I would start with rebuilding that slide and then inserting your reference again.  Also, test out the reference on subsequent slides to see if it causes any issues to make sure that the reference/variable itself is not the culprit.

Best practice:  Be sure you're creating, editing and publishing your projects on your local hard drive.

If Storyline continues to misbehave, you can run a simple repair.  Let us know how you're making out!

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