Error while viewing an entire project

Mar 29, 2019

Dear Articulate Storyline heroes,

Could you please help me to fix an error? An error appears after I try to preview an entire project (at the same time it is possible to preview just one slide).

P.S.: The project is very big and it is for the company (due to this reason I can not upload it here, but I have added an attachment where you can see the text of the error)

Thank you for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maryna,

I'd start by checking out the best practices for working on Storyline projects here. Often when folks aren't following those it could lead to odd behavior, crashing and ultimately file corruption. If it's only this file that caused the crash, you could try importing each slide into a new project and previewing throughout to see what slide when a part of the whole, is the culprit.

Next, you'll also want to check that you're on the latest update of Storyline 3, build 3.6.18134.0. You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline".

Finally, it's worth looking at the repair of Storyline if you're seeing this on each and every file. 

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