Error with the trigger add Value by variable

Jul 17, 2021

Dear expert,

I used Storyline 3 and I make a game with the score is sum of (score of right action + score of time). The action user have to do is drag and drop. Each times they drop in correct the will get 200 points. The time is limit in 5 minutes. if they complete in 4-5 minutes they get addition 500 point, if they complete in 3-4 minutes they get addition 400 point, if they complete in 2-3 minutes they get addition 300 point and so on. add the layer success, I create a trigger to add the score of correct action and add the score of time score to the total score. and show the user all type of score. But the problem is the score for correct action and the time score is right, but the total score is wrong. Can everyone help me fix this problem. 

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Walt Hamilton

Bonus and Score seem to work correctly, but ScoreTotal doesn't always. I deleted ScoreTotal and replaced it, but that didn't help. It may be something that is corrupted. I would start from scratch and recreate everything - Don't copy any of it - and see if that helps.

One other thing I would try is to build this interaction as a plain slide, and not use a built-in freeform question. You don't use any of the built-in material, and that might be causing the problem, somehow.

Linh Nguyen Phu

Thank Walk Hamilton, I Found out the problem. everything work well when I make the trigger add 1 to "Check" to the last. I guess the problem occur when the check = 5. it call the trigger to show the layer and the trigger add "score" to "scorefinal" done before the last trigger add 200 to score. It's quite a experiences. 

Walt Hamilton

Good sleuthing. I'm glad you got it to work. That problem never occurred to me. I always thought that trigger lists continued executing if other layers opened, as long as they were all on the same slide. Hiding a layer doesn't stop triggers on it from executing, if the initiating action has happened. Something good to keep in mind.