Drag and Drop with variables issue

Feb 01, 2021

I created what was intended to be a simple starting point for further development; however, there's an immediate problem. 

The drag and drop activity involves dragging an item into 1 of 2 possible drop points. When correct, a point is scored. There's no submit and no results slide.

I have 3 counts to show:

  • Total drops
  • Total correct
  • Total wrong (strictly unnecessary but it helps to show the state of play)

All the counts display correctly.

For this starter activity there are only 5 draggable objects; these appear one at a time.

The intent is that once all 5 objects have been dropped, a layer is shown depending on the result returned by a trigger:

  • if the score is 3 or more, one layer is shown
  • else, a different layer is shown

This is working only when a score of 5 out of 5 is achieved.

I've looked at everything I can think of, with no joy.

Can anyone suggest what might be happening?

Thanks in advance




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Walt Hamilton

I think this trigger is the problem:


When the last item is dropped, Right changes, and the triggers on the layer select the appropriate state of the Success panel. Then the layer is shown, and the Success panel is reset to its initial state, which is Normal.

It works if the correct count is 5, because of the trigger order. Count is changed to 5 when the last one is dropped, and that shows the layer. Then Right is incremented, and that shows the correct state of the Success panel.

Try changing these triggers to fire when the timeline on the layer starts, rather than when right changes.