Loop conditions for trigger

May 16, 2021

Is it possible to add a loop condition in Storyline?

I want to have a trigger continuously "monitor" a page for a set of conditions and only show a layer - when those conditions are met.

I have 5 objects on a page that can be shown/hidden - via check boxes.

Only when the correct 3 are shown (and the other 2 hidden) - should the layer get shown.
This works fine - unless the wrong objects are shown and then hidden
I then have to hide and re-show one of the correct objects for the layer to show.

Any suggestions?



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Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Yes, one of the ways is to use a lopping animation of the screen. Use an animation path with the extra trigger "move when animation completes" so it will loop indefinitely.

Then you just add one more trigger for your condition - DO x when animation completes IF my condition.

I wrote this up quickly, let me know if it makes sense!

Pete Smithies

Hi Math,
Thanks for your response.

That was my initial approach - I was trying to use a number custom variable that added (or subtracted in the case of the incorrect images) to the variable - and when the variable = 3 That would show the success layer... but I think the reason that I am having issues - is because I need to use Check boxes to achieve the outcome. For some reason - the states of a check box dont seem to reliably add/subtract like I expect them to. 

Pete Smithies

I need to create an action that continuously monitors the slide for the conditions - in order to achieve my outcome.... So frustrating - in other software that I have used, I could  apply a continous loop - but this, like so many other features, does not seem to be present in Storyline. The more I use this software, the more irritating and lacking I find it!!

Math Notermans

Better... a working sample. However i tend to use Javascript for conditional things.... and or GSAP to hide/show elements...way and way easier...less triggers needed, thus in the end cleaner to read.

But anyway here it is without JS...

Making a copy of this now...how i would do it with JS....

Math Notermans

As said a solution that uses Javascript. Most things you can solve in a hundred ways... pick the one that you like best and understand best...


Adding the Storyline to learn from...
Biggest plus in my opinion is no cluttered timeline with dozens of triggers.