Layer playing an unwanted loop

On a slide I have the base layer and then two other layers.  Each layer has a short(2-3 sec) video that plays.  Here is what I want to happen:

- Trigger on base layer to show 2nd layer when 'Timeline Ends' for a textbox

- Trigger on 2nd layer to show 3rd layer when 'Timeline Ends' for a textbox.  

* I have hidden the base layer objects and paused timeline on base layer

Here is what's happening:

- First trigger works fine.  Timeline ends and 2nd layer is shown

- 2nd layer loops.  Timeline ends and 2nd layer plays over again and again, never showing the 3rd layer.

Any ideas?  Thanks

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Mohd Al Kurdi

Hi Andrew,

Not really sure what the issue is but I created a similar structure and it is working properly.

I'm attaching the file here. Can you have a look and see if the settings are similar to yours?

One thing I de-delected is the "hide other slide layers" from layer 2.