Trigger Panel causing wrong layer to display

May 21, 2021

Hi Guys,

So this may be a simple issue, but I've been scratching my head and can't find a solution. My understanding of triggers within Storyline has always been (and please correct me if I am wrong) that they are read in order starting at the top of the list and working down until such time as a trigger directs to another slide or layer, so it's a bit like reading the lines of code in a computer programme.

I have an issue with displaying layers and I have included a very simple illustration of the issue. In the example, there are 10 layers, each 2 seconds duration above the 2-second duration base layer. None of the layers has any triggers on them, so on reaching the end of whichever layer it first jumps to the progression of the story will stop. The base has 10 Triggers as follows:

Show layer 1 when timeline ends (on Base layer)
Show layer 2 when timeline ends (on Base layer)
Show layer 3 when timeline ends (on Base layer)
Show layer 4 when timeline ends (on Base layer)
Show layer 5 when timeline ends (on Base layer)
Show layer 1o when timeline ends (on Base layer)

As I said, this is a very simplified version of what I want to achieve with conditional IF statements, but it still illustrates the issue, which is, when you preview or publish the project, at the end of the Base layer, it jumps to Layer 10, not Layer 1 as I would have expected if the system reads the triggers like computer code.

Can anyone explain why it is jumping to layer 10? Surely it should see the first trigger and jump to Layer 1, then stop at the end of Layter 1 (it having no triggers).

If anyone can throw some light on this and how to resolve this, I would be grateful.



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Walt Hamilton

You are right about the execution of triggers, with one slight exception. Jumping to another slide will disrupt the execution of a list of triggers. Since layers are part of the same slide, showing a layer will not disrupt that execution, nor will hiding a layer disrupt the execution of triggers on it.  The way to make your list work is to  write conditions into the triggers, and give each layer a unique condition.