Errors when upgrading Storyline 1 files

Nov 17, 2017

I've been having issues with some SL1 files when I open them in  SL360. Once upgraded, some files are perfect, while some are not. Those that do not upgrade correctly have the slides jumbled up in the scene viewer, and while I can see the slide thumbnails there, once I open that slide I it appears blank in both the slide view and timeline. Re-upgrading does not help, and saving in 360 and re-opening does nothing either. This is an issue as it means I cannot access some older files. Can you advise?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ian, so sorry you're running into trouble. You came to the right place for help.

We've seen a similar issue mentioned in the forums, and folks have had success with upgrading to Storyline 2 first, then upgrading the Storyline 2 file to Storyline 360. Do you have Storyline 2 installed on your computer?

Also, could you send us one of the original Storyline 1 files that isn't upgrading correctly? Simply click here and attach it to the form. We'll test the upgrade and let you know what we find!

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