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Apr 09, 2013


I'm trying to develop a quiz function where I can accomplish this goal:

" be able to generate at least 2 separate inquiries per period (so if the student does not pass, he will be given a different quiz on the second time around.)"

Basically we are writing a course where a student will be given questions/quizzes periodically which he must pass in order to continue. If he fails he needs to be given a new set of questions for his second attempt.

My question is: am I able to use a single question bank for this or will I need to create separate question banks for each attempt? It would be nice to have one master question bank for the module, having Storyline select questions at random, while at the same time not repeating questions. 

Does this make sense? It is a bit confusing. Thanks for all your help!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ben!

You can randomize the questions that are pulled from the question bank, but there's no way to guarantee that you won't see the same questions again if that quiz is attempted a second time. Say you have a question bank with 5 questions total and you're only pulling in 3 of those questions randomly. Since the amount of questions is so low, you're more likely to see the questions repeat. Now, if you have a larger collection of questions, say 100, and you only pull about 20 or so, you're much less likely to see questions repeat again. 

I do have one suggestion that may work for you. Determine which questions you'd like to show during the initial quiz. Place the followup, or "retraining" questions in their own question bank. If the learner passes the first quiz, they'll never need to see the second set of questions (which could be more, if you feel the learner really needs to study this material, or less if you just want to make sure they're clear on specific points) and if they fail they could be branched to that second set of questions.  

Now I know you don't want to have to use more than one question bank, but this really would be the best option for ensuring that learners don't see the same question more than once in a randomized quiz question draw. 

Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


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