Getting NaN on quiz retry with question bank

Apr 10, 2019

I have a course that is divided into sections and for each section there is a quiz where we need to get an 80% to pass and there will be 3 attempts at the quiz. I put the questions in a question bank where 5 questions will be picked randomly for each attempt.

The problem I'm having is that when I click on the Retry Quiz button, the %Results.ScorePercent% variable shows as NaN when it should be 0. It was working fine when I didn't have the quiz questions in a bank.

How do I get the quiz to work where the results score resets to 0 when the user tries the quiz again and another set of 5 questions are drawn for them to answer?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jane. The score should always reset to 0 when retrying a quiz, but we have documented some situations where it's showing NaN instead. Can you help me with a few more details on your setup?

  • Do you have any unused question banks in your file? If so, does deleting them remove the NaN%?
  • In your feedback layers of the quiz questions, do you have a trigger to jump to a specific slide (rather than "next slide")?
  • Is this file new, or has it been upgraded from Storyline 2?

We'll work out some next steps!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for these helpful details, Jane!

A few more clarifying questions to help us narrow down the source of that NaN text: 

  • When you click on the Retry Quiz button, does the %Results.ScorePercent% variable show NaN for a quick second before proceeding to the beginning of your quiz? Or, a longer time?
    • If for a split second, our team is investigating this behavior. I know this is impacting your work, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on any new information on this bug!
    • If for a longer time, would you mind sharing your .story file with us? We'll let you know what we find, and will delete it after troubleshooting. You can send that Storyline file to us privately in a case here

Appreciate you working through this oddity with us. If there's anything else I can help answer, I'll be here!

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Jane. Appreciate you confirming that key piece!

That behavior is indeed a match to the possible bug that our team is investigating. Here's a glimpse into how we prioritize and tackle bugs!

Thanks for letting us know this is impacting your work, and I'll keep this discussion updated with any new information!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jane.

We appreciate your patience while our team investigated this.

I am happy to share some great news! We fixed the issue you reported where:
Results.ScorePercent shows as "Nan" for a split second when Retrying

Be sure to install the latest Storyline 360 update (Build 3.49.24347.0) to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes. 

If the problem happens again, please let us know, or you can always work directly with our support engineers here.