Example Storyline 2 and 508 accessibility

Nov 04, 2014

Hi, I'm talking with a client which requires their courses to meet 508 accessibility standards. I have read the Articulate pages stating that a Flash version can be built to meet the standard and another page called 'Storyline and Section 508 Accessibility' which sets out the learner navigational experience  and author built steps. 

At this stage I need to quick obtain a sample file which contains a course build which meets these standards.  Does Articulate have a sample course built to demonstrate 508 compliance?

Regards Trevor

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Trevor,

I don't see that one listed here - but the showcase items include just what is there and I don't believe that we have source files for all of them to share. 

508 compliance is typically dependent on author, content, and what elements you need to include based on your users and set up though. You may want to look in the Building Better Courses forum to see if there are additional examples users shared there. 

Trevor White-Miller

Hi Mike.

Thanks for the zip file, this has saved me a ton of time and I know it is a best in class 508 build.

If the tests on the client LMS prove successful, which I'm sure they will, will it be possible to obtain a copy of the .story file so I can review your 508 build features in detail? The information is detailed on specific Articulate Storyline pages but I would like to learn/check back from a known bench.

Once again thanks for this file.



Trevor White-Miller

Hi Mike, hope you are still following this thread. I have the SCORM demo version uploaded to two LMSs and I'm also reviewing the web demo version on the actual Articulate site.

Two quick questions:

1) Apart from the video clip is there any audio narration on any page in the course?

2) Can't get the Alt+right arrow or Alt+left arrow navigation to work on any version of the demo. What is the trick? I'm using the Flash version.

Apart from the above I have been able to navigate through the course only using the keyboard. Still need to test with a screen reader.



Trevor White-Miller

Update on keyboard navigation, built my own mini course.

Single keys are working, dual keys such as ctrl+right arrow are working. However anything containing the 'ALT' and another key are not.

When I'm mapping the trigger it's seeing the correct key combination pressed. Just won't work in play back. I'm using Storyline 2.



Trevor White-Miller

Just been reading up on ALT + left or right arrows in browsers. Clearly in Chrome and IE11 ALT left and right are used to navigate within the browser so I guess that is why it is working for me.

Mike, is it possible to get the source story so I can remap the Alt+Right arrow and Alt+Left arrow to something else for the client demo. They are using Chrome and IE11. Crtl + seems to work. 


Trevor White-Miller

Hi Mike, our comments must have crossed over. Your basic file is built the same as mine. Clearly Chrome 38 must be different to Chrome 37. My client is using Chrome 36 and Chrome 37 across all their sites so I need to build to that spec. Your demo source will let me fix the issue.

Well I learnt something new today.

Trevor White-Miller

Hi Mike, Ashley, I have been using the file Mike provided yesterday to do some tweaking and testing. One of the objects in your original SL1 demo which worked really well for tabbing and revealing text/images (also with tab navigation) were markers.

I have noticed that once Mike's file was converted to SL2 and republished markers no longer appear in the tabbing objects. They have not been touched, they are still set-up the same. Should you still be able to reach markers with the tab key in SL2?


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