Excel format for Multiple Response feedback

Mar 20, 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to import graded Multiple Response questions via Excel spreadsheet into Storyline 360. However, I don't know how to format the feedback for this type of question.

For example:

//Question Type


Select all even numbers.

//Answer Choice 1

//Answer Choice 2

//Answer Choice 3

//Answer Choice 4

//Answer Choice 5

//Answer Choice 6

How do I specify correct and incorrect feedback?

Do I use the pipe (|) character in some combination like the Multiple Choice question type?

Do I use the choice-level feedback syntax?

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Crystal Horn

Hey Josh. When importing your questions from an Excel spreadsheet, the only supported feedback will be choice-level feedback for multiple choice questions. Choice-level feedback doesn't apply to multiple response questions since you are choosing many answers. And question-level feedback will need to be entered in either the feedback master or in Form View if you need to individualize feedback for each question.

Let me know if you need more help!

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