Excel Recording - step by step mode

Hi guys,


can you please let me know if you have tried to record an excel simulation. Just a straight forward click enter some data in cells and do a simple sum calculation.

I find that the step by step mode is a little all over the place,

It appears that quite a bit of manual editing needs to be done, any pointers or advice please

Excel 2010, articulate storyline 2


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andy ch

Hi Ashley,

1. For example record the following in excel 2010

Click in cell a6 and type fixed assets press enter

Click in cell a7 and type investments > press enter

Click on cell a8 and type tangible assets > press enter

Click on cell a9 and type intangible assets > pressenter

Click on cell a10 and type total fixed assets > press enter

Click on cell b7 and type 1500 > press enter

Click on cell b8 and type 25000 > press enter

Click on cell b9 and type 1500 press enter

Click on cell b10 click functions tab and seldosum function

Press enter

Stop recording

Insert as step by step mode


A. Hotspots

B. Slide names

C.action. pop ups

Basically in parts for example you might click on a cell, but the pop up will say click on and the name of the work book.

At other points if you click on a cell to enter e.g a number, when you pkay back, you get a large area for text entry which you have to resize down to the cell size, also the text it associates with ghe slides is not correct in some cases. 


hope this makes a degree of sense, thanks v much





Ashley Terwilliger

Hi A,

Thanks for sharing the steps here. I did a bit of a test, and I see the behavior you've detailed here and see that it was already reported for Storyline 1 - but as you mentioned I see the same behavior in Storyline 2 - so I'll share this with our QA team. I don't have a time frame to offer in regards to when I'll be able to share an update here - but please stay subscribed so that we can share updates. 

Dale Batko

This problem still persists in Storyline 3. I posted a question about it to the forum yesterday, November 29, 2018, under the heading "Error creating Step-by-step slides for Excel formulas" at this location: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/error-creating-step-by-step-slides-for-excel-formulas


Crystal Horn

Hi Dale!  We see your discussion posts from oldest to newest.  I didn't see this post, but I did answer in your new discussion:

In Storyline, text entry fields require that the control lose focus to signal that the learner has finished entering text.  This means that once text is typed into the field, either the learner presses the Enter key, or the learner clicks away from the field (usually by clicking Submit).

I hope that helps!