Error creating Step-by-step slides for Excel formulas

Hello! I am attempting to take a short Excel Formulas demonstration from being a "video on a single slide" to being "step-by-step slides". However, when previewing the scene within Storyline 360, I am being forced to press Enter after typing the equal sign (=) and divide (/) symbols before proceeding with building the rest of the formula. This is a problem, because within Excel itself, a user does not press Enter until they have typed their entire formula. How can I get Storyline 360 to emulate the proper behavior?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dale.  In Storyline, text entry fields require that the control lose focus to signal that the learner has finished entering text.  This means that once text is typed into the field, either the learner presses the Enter key, or the learner clicks away from the field (usually by clicking Submit).  I realize that this isn't a part of the process for the formula, so it may be confusing in terms of an actual software simulation.

Could learners enter the entire formula prior to submitting their answer?