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Wendy Farmer

Hi Valeska

when you publish the files and open the folder do you get the following on the CD?  If you click the Launch_Story that should run the story - this is in SL1...hope that helps

  • Open Folder: This opens a file viewer where you can see the files Storyline just created. There will be several folders and files, and the file that launches your course is called Launch_Story.exe. There’s also an autorun file, which causes your presentation to launch automatically if learners insert a CD or DVD containing your published output.

What do I do with my files once I've published?

Now that you've published, you can burn the files to a CD or DVD, or copy them to whatever local destination from which you plan to deploy your course.

  • Note: If you burn your course to a DVD, it must be played in a computer DVD drive. It will not function in a DVD player on a TV.
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nishant!

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