Executable PDF with Storyline 360

Jan 30, 2018

Hi there,

We have a requirement to run courses offline for sites that have no access to the network. In the past we have used an executable PDF that will play the content when clicked on. I know this wasn't available with Storyline 2, but wondering if 360 offers this somehow?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Doug!

Storyline 360 has two features that would allow you to view a course offline:

  • Publish for CD: This option is great for courses that contain interactivity. With this option, give learners access to the Launch_Story.exe file. Instruct learners to double-click that file to launch the course. 
  • Publish to a Video File: This option is ideal for linear courses that have no interactivity. This means you can’t use triggers that require learners to click, hover, drag, type, or interact with the content in any way. With this option, give learners access to the MP4 file to view the course as a video. 

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!

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