Executing storyline file from within a storyline file

Nov 25, 2013


I need to create a storyline file in which i need to create links to 9 other published story line courses. That is, when the learner clicks Lesson 1, it should execute the lesson 1 published story line file in a new window, similarly when the learner clicks lesson 2, it should open lesson 2 in a new window and so on for 9 lessons.

Please let me know how I can do this. I am not familiar with Javascript. Is there any code that I can write to run lesson 1 when the user clicks on Lesson 1?

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Sajna Thomas


I have a similar kind of issue again and this is not for LMS but for the WEB.

I have a main course story files that has links to 9 lessons. Each of the 9 lessons when clicked should open in the same browser window as the main course. This is happening fine. The issue now is how do I get back to the main menu page when i close say Lesson 1. Is it possible to do this?

Currently, Storyline looks for the main course within the Lesson 1 folder which is not there, but is found in the root folder. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sajna, 

There isn't a built in way to link Storyline files, but if you've published them all on a web server and then are creating hyperlinks between them, you may want to include a link on each individual lesson for the "Menu lesson" so that they always have a way to get back to the starting screen. 

You may also want to look at enabling the browser controls for a hyperlink, and then allowing your users to utilize the back button. 

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