Exercise in 2 pages


I have no idea how to do the exercise attached.

It has a lot of adjectives in 2 pages, and the color that's more selected would be the learner color. 

I don't know JavaScript, so I don't know variables to create by myself. I will do a course of Storyline Advanced in February, but I can't wait to finish this project.

If someone could help me I really appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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Michael Hinze

Here is a quick mockup of what this might look like, see attached and the published version here: http://dev.keypointlearn.com/xcl71_SL/Color/V1/story.html. I just used a few words from the first page, just to demo the concept. Also, I put all the selector buttons into a scrolling panel, so that potentially you could have the two pages all in one screen. All 'the magic' sits on the submit button. When clicked, the states of all buttons are checked and, if selected, a variable for each category is increased by 1. The four variables are then displayed on the summary screen. Hope that helps.