radio button hover state color if button not part of a quiz template

Dec 03, 2014

In my quiz pages, the color when you hover over a radio button is set to the color I chose in the color palette, so that works fine. 

In non-quiz pages, the radio button hover color is a pale orange color that I can not find nor seem to change. Any hints on where that color is coming from, and how to change it so it matches the quiz hover color? Thank you.

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Richard Chasin

Hi Emily,

I do not see any tab called "States" under the radio button format tab. There are styles for shapes and radio buttons, and fills etc. I ended up using a color state so that during the rollover it mutes the orange color. But never found a way to get rid of it. As I mentioned, when using radio buttons in a quiz page, the rollover color uses the palette accent color. Why would a non-quiz radio button not follow suit?

My file is very large, but I will make a copy and isolate a screen if need be.

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