Existing SL1 project will not preview or publish in SL2 - error found

I just submitted a ticket on this, but I have since discovered the source of the problem. I'm posting it here in case anyone encounters it too.

Each attempt to preview or publish an upgraded project resulted in an error where the progress could not go further than the first "blip" in the progress bar.

By process of elimination, I discovered that a reference tag was causing the error. By this, I mean that there was a text entry box in slide one, and then a greeting in box two that takes the data from the text entry box and displays it. It appeared in the text box of slide two like this: Welcome %LearnerName%.

Once the %LearnerName% reference was deleted, the project previewed and published without a hitch. I may have to rebuild this text entry/reference relationship, but at least now I know where the problem is.

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