Storyline 360: Text Entry box different size in Review from Preview

Jul 16, 2019

Hi folks,

I am running into a problem where I have a text entry box in a Storyline 360 course that is not behaving itself. I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to this.

Behavior: In the Storyline 360 preview, the text entry field is a box that is sitting properly on top of an image of a laptop, giving the learner the impression that they are typing a comment into the laptop. When the course plays on the Articulate Review site, the right (and sometimes bottom) boundaries of the text entry box go much farther to the right, and not where I put the object borders. This is consistent across uses within the same course and across other courses that previously (March 2019) displayed no error of this type.

Here is a screencap of the error in action on Review:

Text Entry Box Size Error

I have tried changing the attributes of the text entry box with Format Shape > Text Box > Do Not Autofit. This did not solve the problem.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Steve,

Since it looks okay in development, the issue might be how a browser interprets the screen, which can be "quirky" with HTML5.  One possible fix: put the text box into a scrolling field. That extra constraint on its location might fix the problem until a more permanent solution is found.

Judy Nollet

Yup, Steve found a bug. We chatted about this at a recent meeting. Until the bug is fixed, the solution is: don't put a dashed outline around the text-entry shape. (I don't know if he tested a solid outline or not.) Instead, if you want that look, put a separate rectangle with a dashed outline behind the text-entry shape.

Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Lawrence!

Your issue might be slightly different than what's discussed in this thread. Could I have you connect with one of our support engineers so they can investigate deeper? If you could share a quick Peek recording of what you're experiencing, that'd be great! We'll be standing by!

Mary Michelini

My text-entry boxes look great in edit mode (like Steve's, above) but go wonky in Preview or Publish modes.  Oddly, the text-entry boxes look fine In Preview or Publish modes when I minimize the tab/window, click Zoom-to-fit (but the canvas shrinks a lot), or view them in tablet view; they also look fine to other people on other computers, here at my office or at Articulate.

After reading this thread, I removed my fancy border around the boxes as well as a custom-made photographic fill, and that did the trick.  That said, it would be nice to customize text-entry boxes as we can do for regular text boxes.

Further, there must be some issue with my computer settings because several other people at my office and at Articulate had no problems.  Is this a browser issue, as someone suggests above?

Note: I had my display driver updated to no avail.

Please advise.  Thanks.