Exit Course

Jun 24, 2015

Hope somebody can help making "exit Course" Work better than now.

My courses is using new browser window to show the content of each Scorm packet. When the last slide is displayed, I would like the window to close (to get back to the page containing the sections of the Course)

As I see it, the last slide should have an exit Course button. The "exit Course button" do not close the window, but only displays the message "The content has ended. You may close this window"

1. Can someone please help how  the "Course exit button" Closes the window?

2. If not possible - how / where in Storyline the message can be changed (need to be in Danish). (I have been informed, that the message  given by "exit Course" is named "goodbye.html" ) I would really like if I can set up Storyline to use the set up language for this

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