Exit trigger does not complete the course

Aug 05, 2020

I have read several of the topics pertaining to my issue but its not the same.  I have a SL3 course that I have published to my LMS as AICC as I do always.  I have used IE as well as CHROME with no luck.  All of my learners are in In Progress mode.  I end all of the courses the same.  I have attached the story file in hope of some immediate support.

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Mike Bowie

I've been stumped by this myself sometimes.

Could it be that you don't have an assessment, but you have setup the story to report as 'Passed/Incomplete' rather than 'Completed/Incomplete'. Your tracking is set to 'using number of slides' rather than pass mark as such. 

If you changed it to 'Completed/Incomplete' and track to all 37 slides, see if that works?

(hope I'm not sending you down the wrong path with that one!)

On another note, I've just noticed that Slide 32 is set to automatically progress and the rest are 'by user'.

Katie Riggio

Hi Roberta!

Thanks for also sending your file over to our Support team for review! I see that Georvy recommended:

I noticed that the exit course trigger was on slide 1.36 whereas on the tracking option when publishing to LMS, it was set to track all slides (37 slides) to complete. 

You'll need to set the tracking option to view 36 slides to complete. 

Let us know if that solves the issue! 

Felix Franke

Katies point is relevant. I always track the course to complete with (n-2) slides, this leaves a little room for error (I have quite big courses sometimes).

On another note, in my LMS I can set the settings for SCORM modules (I don't use AICC) to "accept completed as passed" or sth like that (using it in German, not sure about the English wording).

So it may be a setting in the LMS and not necessarily in SL.

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