Exit trigger from Open file back to LMS

Nov 19, 2013


If I have an Articulate Storyline file (Open option chosen) and want the user to be able to get back to the LMS - will the Exit trigger do this? I've added in an Exit trigger from the player but it doesn't seem to work in the LMS. I then tried a jump to url page - this opened the LMS in a new window. 

The user could just use the back arrow but it takes a while to get back to the LMS.

Any advice?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

The exit trigger will close the course, and likely the course window as well, if the exit trigger is not working for you I'd suggest reviewing the following reasons here and the bottom one deals specifically with an LMS. 

Also, in regards to the URL, you can change the browser options as shown in the image below to either open in a new window, or open in the current window. 

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