Experiences redesigning/republishing for HTML5/mobile platforms using new settings with Storyline 3

Hi all,

We are beginning that long arduous process of revising and republishing some of our courses in HTML5/mobile platform using Storyline 3.  A number of our courses have hovers in them.  We are considering changing them to clicks to make sure they will work for learners who use tablets.  Is this really necessary or does it automatically convert this functionality to a click when you publish using the HMTL5 only or HTML5 with Flash fallback settings? 

Perhaps, this is wishful thinking. Have others had experience making this transition? Any other things we should think about in our redesign (aside from things fitting on a smaller screen)?  Are there other challenges you can warn us about?  Any advice you can offer is appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kari,

If you're using a hover state on your courses, those will work on a mobile device with a "down press" - as you'll see in the example linked here from Paul

I also thought you may find this e-book,  “The Definitive Guide to Multi-Device E-Learning” helpful.

Hopefully others in the community will weigh in with what they've created as too and how they keep mobile in mind as they build their courses.