Experiences with Storyline on Mac via Parallels

May 25, 2012

Hi, folks!

So, I once lived in a Linux world in college.  Then, when I started work, I moved to a Windows world.  

I just accepted a new job and the question has arisen: PC or MAC?  I'm tempted to make the move to a Mac world to broaden my skill-set (how hard can it be???!!), but Storyline is going to be a real bread-and-butter app for me, and I'm concerned that it's not natively supported on the Mac.

How have you found working with Storyline on a Mac via parallels?  Is the performance acceptable?  Have you run into any serious productivity log-jams?



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Joe Shultheis

So I am about to purchase Storyline 2 for use at home on my MAC. Just to be sure:

1) Does Storyline 2 work on a MAC as well as Storyline 1 did. I would assume so as I would need work in a Windows environment through Parallels or Fusion. But Just checking.

2) Which Windows OS should I get, Windows 8 work? Where do I get a Windows OS, online and DL straight to the Windows side thru Parallels? 

Tad nervous here, big expenses. Just want to be certain I get the right versions of everything to make it work. So if I get the newest versions of everything available that I need, it will work, right?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sean,

I know lots of our users and even some of our team utilize Mac and Storyline within a VM such as Parallels so you should be able to use that set up successfully. As for a native Mac version, we don't share information in regards to timelines or new features, product releases but it's been a popular topic here in the forums and that folks have shared their thoughts on in the form of feature requests which you're welcome to chime in on that as well by sharing your thoughts here. 

Wade Murphy

I will definitely share with the development team as well, but I have to echo Joseph -

It just doesn't make any sense that a tool specifically developed for learning design isn't available on a mac - unless you are a computer engineer or something (I'm a tech savvy millennial, but the comments above seem like a computer science course).

Now that I'm on a mac at work as well as at home - looks like I'll be going the Captivate route.

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