Experiencing disappearing and shifting Closed Captions when creating Closed Captions

Jan 27, 2023

I create closed captions for our custom content (imported PPTs in Storyline 360) and then later when I go back to review, portions of captions have disappeared and the remaining portions have shifted to fill the space. I did note previous discussions where this had been an issue. Please advise. 

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Kelly Auner

Hi Siobhan,

Thanks for reaching out and I'm so sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue!

It looks like there was never a support case opened for Isabelle's issue, but I'm happy to help figure out what's going on with your project! First, I'd like to clarify if this is happening with multiple files or a specific one. If this is only happening with one file, have you tried importing your slides into a new Storyline project?

I'd be happy to take a closer look at your course and test it out on my end. You can upload it here or share it privately with our team in a support case, We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete!

Mary Aversa

I'm having an issue with closed captions as well. I have created closed captions for all of my audio files in a course, and when I make edits to the slide--even when the audio has not been edited--the closed captions often fail to appear in the published course. Yesterday I started exporting the vtt files so I can right-click the audio in the slide's timeline, select Accessibility, then import the vtt file, but I don't understand why this is happening when in the Media Library, all of my audio files are showing that they have closed captions already added. I've republished my course 5 times already today because of this error, and it's getting pretty time consuming and irritating!

I submitted a support case on this just now.

Steven Benassi

Hi Mary!

Sorry to hear that closed captions are absent from your published Storyline 360 course!

Smart move opening a support case! I see that you've connected with my colleague Luiza who is currently testing the file you shared. You should be hearing back from her shortly!

We can continue this conversation over in your support case to keep all information in one spot.