Experiment in SL

I'm just playing with it, and trying to create some as described below.

Suppose I have 10 slide in my project.

And one these slide say for example slide no. 3 has 10 layers in it.

After completing the base layer of slide 3 if I click next button of the player, it should jump on the next layer of the same slide and so on, instead of jumping to the fourth slide.

But when learner visits all the layers within 3rd slide and clicks next button it should jump to 4th slide as normal.

I know how to do this with help of variables, there are more than person going to work on it and this thing will be repeated for several times. So considering this for mass production, I'm looking to achieve this result without using variables and much complicated triggers.

Have anyone did this kind of interaction earlier?



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Parashuram Vhaval

Brett Rockwood said:

If you don't want to use variables you could put objects with triggers on the base layer that open each layer and keep the Next button just for advancing the slide. You can force the user to view each layer before being able to go to the next layer.Need to set conditions on the next button.

Brett I tried this theory but find that sometimes it wont work as I wanted to.