Export texts in scripts and texts in slides

Jun 05, 2023

Dear all,

We would like to know if there is a feature in Articulate Storyline that allows us to export only the scripts (in XLF or Word) and a feature that allows us to export (in XLF or Word) only the text in the slides?

We need to adapt certain terms in the scripts so that they are pronounced correctly by the robot (e.g. words in English to be pronounced in Polish, or diacritics for Arabic language).

=> One of the solutions we have found is to ask the customer to copy/paste the scripts into the Notes. If these scripts are not copied into the Notes, they are not exported to the XLF and/or Word files.

=> The other solution is to import the XML files created and contained in the .story files (story\slideLayouts and story\slideMasters) into our CAT tool.


Thank you for your help.



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John Morgan

Hi Bertrand,

Great question! You’ll want to continue copying the script into the notes and publish the course to Word and remove any content you don't want from the Word file. Here is an article with the steps on how to remove images from a Word file quickly.

We don’t currently have an option for exporting just the text in a course, but that sounds like an interesting idea that I can share with our product team.

Thanks for reaching out!