Export and import translations without MS Office

Jun 12, 2020


My organization does not support MS Office anymore, we only use Google products and I seem unable to export Word translation files from Storyline to my computer because Storyline cannot connect with MS Word.

In addition, when trying to import translations, I convert my Google Doc to a .docx file but Storyline only recognizes .doc files and therefore I also get stuck when trying to move forward on this step.

Is Articulate planning on integrating Google Docs so that MS Office is not required to translate courses? Or/and is there a plan to allow .docx files to be imported into Storyline apart from .doc and .xlf files?

I know that there is also the option of .xlf, however I cannot open this type of file in my computer and view it in case of needing to review and edit items in the translation.

Many thanks in advance!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Amaia,

I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing some issues with translating your Storyline course.

Right now, there isn’t a way to export your translation file to Google Doc. It sounds like having other options for the translation file would help improve your workflow when authoring in Storyline. I would love for you to share more details with our team here

In regards to XLIFF files, I wanted to share some community threads that point to some tools that I hope will help. Even though they are Rise 360 threads, they should work for Storyline as well:

Please reach out if I can help with anything else!

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