Exporting audio quality issues

Mar 25, 2022

A while ago I had some audio tracks that I recorded in storyline.  I wanted to extract into mp3 and copy the files into a different .story project.  However the audio quality of the extracted files was so poor as to be unusable.  Is there away to increase the export quality of the .mp3?

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John Morgan

Hi Janet,

Thanks for asking about this! I would love to get to the bottom of this for you! To help me get a better understanding of the issue, I have a follow-up question. Is the audio in your project recorded with Storyline 360? If so, here is a Peek video of the steps to have the compression settings enabled.

If you didn't record the audio using Storyline 360, can you please test the story file I've attached? I created it with an MP3 that wasn't recorded using Storyline 360. I was able to turn off the compression. I would like to know if you see the same behavior on your end.

I look forward to your response!