Exporting graphics from Storyline are quite 'blurry'

Jun 30, 2016

Hi. I've created a systems training course for a client. I captured the screens using Storyline and then 'right clicked' and saved various images from the 'movie' that Storyline creates as I had to edit them in Photoshop. All good, the graphics looked clear and crisp.

I then imported the graphics back into Storyline as the client wanted to update the screenshots in the future. If i used the traditional Storyline capture movie they wouldn't be able to swap the 'movies' used in the slides, they would have had to copy/paste layers/text etc.

However if I now right click an image and choose 'Save picture' the picture is quite blurry. In the the course the screenshot looks great, second I export the graphics its not the same quality.

(Not that it would change it but i do have image quality set to 10 for the published version).

The idea is the client updates the screenshots themselves but i'm unsure why an exported screenshot doesn't look like the one in the course as its blurry. I'm using Storyline 2. If they import a new image it'll be fine but if they did want to amend an existing screenshot (and export it) i dont know why its blurry and doesnt match whats in the course (e.g. clear and crisp)

Any ideas ?

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Paul Johns

What I did was to save images from the video (In Storyline). I would then make the changes i needed to in Photoshop then import the image back into Storyline as a static image. All look great.

However when i had to make a further amend to a screen I went to export the image from Storyline and it looked very blurry.

The initial images you capture from the Storyline video are fine. Its when you export a static image (JPG etc) the quality was poor

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