Exporting or saving a slide or results slide

Mar 31, 2020

I'm trying to create an interactive Career Map where learners fill in text entry fields on a map (slide 1), then have those variables populate the map on the next page (slide 2).  The issue is that I would like learners to be able to save or export slide 2 to take with them as a reference sheet. 

I'm building this as a Storyline block, then uploading it to Rise. 

Is it possible for a learner to export or save a Storyline slide in Rise? This is what I see as option 1, using text-entry and inserting references. 

Options 2 is to create each fill-in field as a question slide, then have all of the questions populate a results slide. The issue with this is that I  don't think the "print results" or "review results" buttons can be formatted like a map.

I have attached a working Storyline file with both options. Also open to options 3 and 4 if someone has a good solution!

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R. Diane Schmallegger

I'm currently using window.print(); so that users can print a slide. However, rather than having them print the slide, it would be better if they would be prompted to save it with a particular file name. I realize that after the print menu comes up, they can save to pdf, however, these particular learners may get lost at that point. I'd like to skip the print step and just give them the option to save it as a pdf. Is there a way to do this?

Also, I have embedded several Storyline files in a Rise course. When printing (and saving as a pdf) the results from each Storyline file, the default name for the file that comes up is the name of the Rise course (so it's the same for each storyline file), rather than the name of the Storyline file - is there anything I can do to make it so that when they "print" and save as a pdf, that the default name will be the Storyline file name?

Lauren Connelly


I'm happy to help!

Can you have learners skip the Print step and give them the option to save a slide as a PDF?

Right now, there is only an option to Print a results slide. You could possibly use Javascript to code an option to save the slide! I'm not well-versed in Javascript so I'll let the community members lend a hand!

Can you change the file name when a learner prints or saves a PDF in Rise 360?

Since the Storyline Projects are embedded in the Rise course, then you're technically saving the Rise 360 course. With that, there isn't an option to save specific elements of a Rise 360 course.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know!

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