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Dec 11, 2014

Hello - 

Currently we are having an issue when clicking on external sources in our Storyline courses.  The document or whatnot will pop up in a new window but then it will minimize the course window to the background.  Once you exit out of the pdf or external source the student won't know where the course is unless they know to look on their bottom toolbar.  Any way to keep the course window running in the foreground when linking to outside sources?

Thanks in advance!

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Beth Ciarrachi

Sorry here is an example of one slide that is showing that behavior from Storyline.  The first trigger for the sensory perception button was linked to a file in the resource tab.  This was suggested in one of the posts here but it still doesn't work in Chrome.  Also the player is disappearing for this slide for some odd reason.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Beth!

It looks as though you are linking to files that are on your H Drive, you want to be sure that you are utilizing your local drive for your entire project.

Also, these slides have different players selected. Slide one is custom and slide two is utilizing the default. 

Please be sure that you are following the directions here when adding resources.

Also, I am unable to test the actual issue that you are reporting because the files are on your computer.

Beth Ciarrachi

We are still having an issue with the module window being covered up by our hyperlinked popups but only in Chrome.  The popup comes up fine but the only way to go back to the module is by doing alt tab.  Since the hyperlink is opening I do not believe it is an issue of publishing from our local drive.  I even tried to put the hyperlinked documents on my desktop and I observed the same behavior. I have tried triggered with a hyperlink directly to the file and also by story_content/external_files/MyFile.pdf  as suggested. Here are screenshots of what’s happening.   

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