Extremely wacko behaviour in SL 360 today - Anyone else?

Mar 31, 2021

Hi - a course that worked fine yesterday has gone bizarre today. I have an image with 10 states - all images. A dial triggers the states. There are 2 slides this effect is used on and I'd done the one yesterday - worked perfectly. Copied it and adjusted the triggers/variables to the second dial and only the first 4 states triggered.

So I started it from scratch, without reusing the images from the media library and still not working. Swapped out the images with new versions of same with different file names. Same problem - went to check and there are 10 ADDITIONAL STATES - all with names from the previous saved versions tacked on the end of the states I created. Checked the first, original slide from yesterday and same thing - 20 bloody states in it too!

To add to the bizarreness, I've received a dozen or more emails from 'Sarah" & "success" @ articulate this morning, welcoming me and encouraging me to download Storyline and all the other apps and 'get started' creating awesome elearning.

Quel fresh hell is this????

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jennifer and Tracy,

We’re so sorry that you received multiple emails from our team today. We made a mistake in our email programming, and unfortunately, our email system’s communication limits also failed. We’re digging in to make sure we don’t make mistakes like this again! 

Jennifer - It would help to take a look at the file you're working on to see why these duplicate states are appearing. If you're able to share it, our support team is on standby and ready to help!

If you have any questions, please let me know, and thank you for your understanding!

Jennifer Clarke

Thanks Ren - I appreciate the info. I've just reverted to an old version and rebuilt from there - I didn't have permission to share, even with support, so just started again.

I unistalled 360 and downloaded fresh from Articulate - does this mean I now have the version we've been warned we must download before May or is there a 'new and improved' coming soon?