F5 Resets Question

Feb 26, 2021

Hi All,

A customer called out a potential bug that I wanted to raise up.  During an exam, if the learner gets a question wrong, they can hit F5 on the keyboard and reset the question.

We like to provide immediate feedback per question.  Its been brought to our attention that folks are exploiting the F5 option to review the corrective feedback, hit F5, and then answer the question correctly.

Is there a way to send the question data and bookmark their location before the learner clicks Next?  I'd be all ears if we could add a javascript trigger.

Our other option is to not provide immediate feedback.  That is something that we'd like to avoid as that would require large amounts of re-work for exams that are currently active.

I attached a file with a couple of basic questions.  Try it for yourself.

Has this issue been brought up in the past?

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